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mutek lineup released [16 Apr 2008|06:01pm]

making the journey out from seattle again this year and am terribly excited.

Ben Frost
Ben Shemie: "Middle Clouds: family A. B. C"
Carl Craig
Chic Miniature
Christian Fennesz
Cristian Vogel
Dave Aju
DJ Olive
Ernesto Ferreyra
Flying Lotus
Freida Abtan
Half Hawaii
Jeremy P. Caulfield
Kid Koala
Kode 9 & Space Ape : Bass Fiction Live
Martin Messier + Jacques Poulin-Denis : "Le projet Pupitre"
Mathias Kaden
Modeselektor & Pfadfinderei (visuals)
Morgan Packard + Joshue Ott
Murcof & xx+xy
Nicolas Bernier : "Les arbres"
Noah Pred
Nokami & Sans Soleil : "Semiosis"
Onur Özer
Quiet Village
Radio Slave
The Field
Tim Hecker
Underground Resistance presents/présente Interstellar Fugitives

more to be confirmed.

i am so so so so so overjoyed about UR being there, esp. since i can't make it to demf this year... can't even begin to express.
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[26 Dec 2007|08:08am]

The 63 minute acid mix

lengthy tracklistingCollapse )
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Toronto - Sat. June 10th. Free - Techno, Minimal, Tech House and More... Lot 16 Bar 1136 Queen St W. [09 Jun 2006|03:47pm]



resurface warehouse party Saturday June 17th. Salem's Loft. w Eric Downer, Jamie Kidd and more...
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Do Not Miss!!! [17 Jan 2006|10:59pm]


Sign-up for great parties in Montreal! Great Music, Great Times and only the Best Djs


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[12 Nov 2005|06:26pm]

i love finding new music...

went record shopping yesterday (my favourite passtime, but one i have to be careful about heh cha ching).

leibe * detail is ann independant german label distributed by tastemakers 'word & sound'.

there is a remarkable amount of excellent, hard to find and subsequently expensive (as in like $18 for 2 tracks) german dub music out there... the magic seems to come from excellent technical ability in mastering... records from artists like 'basic channel' have a depth, dynamic and all important BASS like few records have... its just thick and lingers. on a serious soundsystem it can make some of us see colour.

the same applies to the better german techno... probably the one genre of music breaking new ground this past year, simply in the incredible production and mastering leading to phenomenal sound. if there's ever been an arguement between mp3's and ipods vs. vinyl, class A amplification and analogue... its the sound on these records. its enveloping.

liebe * detail # 7 with tracks from serafin and vincenczo aurally illustrates this incredible depth... crisp chimes, tones and resonance combines with honey deep low end to create a thinkable, danceable dymanic that's comfortable in the living room and devastating on the dancefloor...

limited pressings and excellent graphic design make these releases highly collectable, but more importantly the sound is original building on recent themes of dub, microhouse and broken beat in the electronic music world and creating a tangent of danceable idm tinged techno that would fit comfortably into sets by richie hawtin, luciano and others... even ME.

the first new release on the previously defunct +8 records (founded by richie hawtin in windsor canada in the early 90's) stockholm sweden's adam beyer releases a long pulsing techno workout called 'a walking contradicction'. this is harder edged upbeat techno coming in around 128 bpm... sounds are deep and resonating... bass is thick, snappy and controlled with short stunted pad sounds lending a tense atmosphere that builds in slow urgency through part one (side A) of the records and comes to deeper fruition on part two (side B). the track never reaches its implied crescendo, instead allowing listeners and ultimately dj's to take their own direction. i'd call it a bridge track and like many techno records it's likely more effective and impactful when layered with additional upper range sounds which could provide more dynamic and narration by phasing them in and out of time. this would be a great track to use as a lead up to more peak hour record with wider peaks and valleys... still it provides good atmosphere and the dark intensity +8 was known for and apparently still all about.

led zepplin goes under the big room house knife and has thier classic 'whole lotta love' remixed by the cheesarific but effective 'dirty funker' who's done similar treatments of nirvana and other classic rock tracks. i don't think i could stomach the obvious build ups, beefed up beats and air guitar atmosphere with an endless set of this kind of thing all night long... but this kind of thing is devistatingly good coming out of something darker like the adam beyer track mentioned previously... this is the pot of gold the end of the rainbow... fun, familar and a release of the contained energy that many techno sets get stuck on. even the dark cornered die hards would have a laugh when 'gonna give you my love uh uh' breaks out like a ray of light toward the end of a darker warehouse set. fun!

this past year has seen a pretty much endless string of excellent, orignal and interesting releases from german powerhouse distributors kompakt. speicher is a atmopheric techno oriented sub label made famous for breaking the schaffel 2 beat sound a few years back... this release find the wighnomy brothers finding a slowly tempo track that breathes with emotion... lots of pads and swooshes... the kind of thing you play after a burning set that's left a room sweating and ready to breathe, hug and reflect before taking them back up... it's a gorgeous warm sound that redefines the more metallic stereotype of the techno sound. justus kohncke and heimermann's 'albatros' removes the beat entirely leaving only textures and tones with reverbed and resonating strings picked up from an old fleetwood mac song... its a sunrise or sunset track... one to lullaby people home or blend with warmer beats as part of a chillout set... or those late night emotional bedroom sets i know all too well heh.

i can't pretend to understand the extended blasts of noise black dice are responsible for, so i won't. the original mixes of this track 'smiling off' are basically unlistenable as far as i'm concerned... perhaps there is some theory in the chaos of noise... but i certainly can't find it. remixers luome and zz pot take elements of the madness and create cohesive tech house and funk flavoured tracks that ride the fine line between dark sound experiments and fun dance floor standards. label 'dfa' the new york based studio and production team have released a lot of good late 70's and early 80's punk/funk influenced music in the last few years... most of it better than what came out in the 70's and 80's... and this record while weird is no exception in its reinterpretations.

go forth and find the music that moves you... there's so much more out there that what the radio tries to shove down  your throat. support music made, released and supported by artists not marketing executives. there is a difference... it's in the belief, enthusiam and willingness to take chances and move away from formula. its not about what's popular... its about with stirs you. find it!
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nov. 18th [07 Nov 2005|10:16am]

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David Kristian CD Launch [15 Sep 2005|08:32am]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

David Kristian will be performing at the Rhythms for a Rainy Season
launch at O Patro Vys on September 16th, 2005. Other artists on the
bill include Transient, Hopital du jour (khonnor/ilkae) and Emerge
and Cease.

Not one to ever play by the rules, DK will be playing a decidedly non-
IDM 100% live lap steel/electronics/retro drum machine loop
improvisation set.

More info and album reviews here:


Rhythms for a Rainy season is available at all fine record stores and
from Apegenine recordings:


[OT] Police brutality at rave in Utah [22 Aug 2005|02:01pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Not Mutek related, but this is absolutely insane:

Messgae board where they are collecting personal accounts:

Link to QuickTime Link of footage (very slow)

You cannot possibly imagine how angry I am about this. These were just kids. It was private property.

Much love and support to them down in Utah.

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[Review] MUTEK 6th Edition by Suz [12 Jul 2005|01:12am]

Sanity – I wondered where mine had disappeared to while enduring a 34 hour bus ride cross country to Montreal, Quebec. Sleep deprived thoughts consumed my mind while I repeatedly tried to maintain composure sitting millimeters away from the passenger to my left. A sore back, full bladder and a never-ending growling stomach – what is worth this agony, one might ask. I can proclaim with great confidence that a certain festival that occurs annually, in a city that is commonly known for its ethnic culture and diversity was worth every agonizing moment.

For Suzanne's complete coverage of the festival, click here
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record shopping [12 May 2005|06:55am]

since i will have copious free time during the days of mutek, i was wondering what area shops are recommended for music? (and hell, clothes and other cool stuff)
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tonight... toronto. [30 Apr 2005|06:33pm]

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Accomodations [22 Apr 2005|02:00pm]

Does anyone know of a condo for to rent at Mutek this year?

Can anyone suggest a good b&b?

Alternatively, does anyone need a place to stay?
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Le Placard@MUTEK2005 [19 Apr 2005|03:59pm]

Eric Mattson, ORAL présente
Transistors et Autres Circuits, TAC 7 : Le Placard@MUTEK2005
juin 2 à 4, Montréal,. en collaboration avec MUTEK

Communiqué :

Du 2 au 4 juin, le festival MUTEK abrite un autre festival : Le Placard.

Le Placard est une initiative de Erik Minkinnen et du Büro (Paris).
Présenté en divers lieux du globe ce concept unique de performances
comprend une diffusion de performances musicales en direct pour un public
doté de casques d'écoute et une propagation des concerts en simultané sur

Le présent Placard est une initiative du commissaire Eric Mattson.
Ce projet d'écoute fait suite aux événements Transistors et Autres
Circuits, réalisés depuis 2 ans grâce à une aide du Conseil des arts et des
lettres du Québec.

Produit en collaboration avec Büro, Paris, le festival montréalais de
culture numérique MUTEK et le Conseil des Arts du Canada, le présent
Placard se nomme « le Placard@MUTEK2005 ».

L'événement accueillera environ soixante performances de musiques
électroniques originales et d'improvisations débridées sur une période de
trois jours. Pour les compositeurs, participer au Placard c'est présenter
en direct devant un public attentif une performance audio d'environ
quarante minutes mais c'est aussi captiver un vaste public international
branché en direct sur l'Internet. Un calendrier des performances sera
publié sur le site officiel du Placard, Büro.

Pour toute communication : Eric Mattsonoral@videotron.ca

Les artistes ciblés et déjà inscrits à cet événement sont, à ce moment
précis. :

Alexandre Burton
Alexis Bellavance
Black Noise
Chris Bissonnette vs Mark Laliberte
MEK OBAAM aka Christian Obermaier (D)
Christof Migone
MALAMUTANT aka David Kristian
David Lafrance
Erik Dorion
Esther Bourdages
I8u-(France Jobin
Gal--. Intransitive Recordings.
Gunter Müller-Martin Tétreault
Herri Kopter
Howard Stelzer. Intransitive Recordings. USA
Invisible Field aka sébastien Cliche
Jamie Drouin
Joda clément
John Duncan
Magali Babin
Mathieu Lévesque + invités
Matthew Biederman
Champion, Maxime Morin
Michel F. Coté + Martin Tétreault
Morceaux de Machines
Mylena + Magali + i8u
Stefan Németh
Nancy Tobin
Nathan Mc Ninch
Pascal Asselin-Millimetrik
Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
Pomassl, Franz
Richard Chartier
Edgar Olivier Charle
Steve Bates
Steve Roy vs Chris McNamara
Taylor Deupree
Tomas Phillips
Timbral Fresco
Jonathan Parant
Paul Williams
Neil Wiernik
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tickets now available [13 Apr 2005|03:20pm]

The new MUTEK 2005 festival website is now on line: WWW.MUTEK.CA

Festivalgoers can take advantage of the online presale by visiting its TICKET CENTER.

The complete information about the program will be updated on the website on April 26th.


Le nouveau site web du festival MUTEK 2005 est maintenant en ligne: WWW.MUTEK.CA.

Les festivaliers peuvent profiter d'une prévente en ligne en y visitant la section BILLETTERIE.

L'information complète sur la programmation sera mise à jour à partir du 26 avril.
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Toronto... April 30th. [07 Apr 2005|12:48am]

hope its ok to post this here...

if you like techno, live p.a.'s, multimedia environments and dancing all night long with liberal people... come on out!

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mutek preview [04 Apr 2005|01:18am]

*  MUTEK 2005: Program preview and upcoming dates *

For its 6th edition, taking place in Montreal from June 1st to 5th, the MUTEK Festival will be exploring new channels of originality, within dynamic new venues, and is proposing a multi-dimensional itinerary focusing on the visionaries and leaders involved with the most current forms of audio and visual digital creation.

Thanks to a program bursting with performances, conferences, workshops and many other surprises, MUTEK reaffirms its role at the vanguard of digital discoveries. With more than a hundred original artists from 15 different countries uniting in Montreal for the occasion, the festival invites the curious and connoisseurs alike to explore the richly diverse spectrum of creativity through unadulterated offerings and vivid experiences destined to charm your senses·

With the programming for the 6th edition, MUTEK allows you the chance to benefit from numerous international newcomers, each sharing special delights from their native goodie baskets: performance artists from Norway, Austria, Chile, and Argentina, among others, will be featured.  Explore various sonic and visual horizons with these artists as your guide:

Akumu _ Canada
Andres Bucci _ Chile
Apparat _ Germany
Bas van Koolwijk _ Netherlands
Biosphere and Egbert Mittelstädt _ Norway/Germany
Bruno Pronsato _ U.S.A.
Diane Labrosse _ Canada
Discom _ France
Emisor _ Argentina
Galoppierende Zuversicht _ Switzerland
Günter Müller _ Switzerland
John Duncan _ U.S.A.
Kapital Band 1 _ Austria/Germany
Klimer + Tim Hecker _ Germany/Canada
Luci _ Canada
Marcus Schmickler _ Germany
Martux_M _ Italy
Mathew Jonson - Canada
Melchior Productions _ United Kingdom
Mendoza _ Mexico
Monolake _ Germany
Nanalog _ Canada
Nego Mocambique _ Brazil
Pablo Reche _ Argentina
Pan/Tone (aka Sid LeRock) _ Canada
Pheek + Off the Sky _ Canada/U.S.A.
Pommasl _ Austria
Radian _ Austria
Sense Club (Ricardo Villalobos + Luciano) _ Chile/Germany/Switzerland
Si-Cut.DB _ United Kingdom
Serafin _ Switzerland
Skipsapiens _ Chile
Soul Phiction _ Germany
Stephen Beaupre _ Canada
Vertex _ Canada

And even more to come·

The events will take place at Ex-Centris (www.ex-centris.com), the Just For Laughs Museum, the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal (www.macm.org), Metropolis, and Parc Jean-Drapeau (www.parcjeandrapeau.com).

For the total festival experience, festivalgoers can take advantage of the online presale to obtain a MUTEK_PASSPORT, by logging onto the new festival website starting April 11th: www.mutek.ca. The unveiling of the complete programming line-up and activation of the main online ticket outlet will occur on April 26th.
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Free Eclectic Electronic Music in Toronto this weekend... [21 Feb 2005|04:02am]

all you mutek fans... if you're in toronto you might dig the eclectic electronic free night at lounge 88...

Could there possibly be a better time to get together with friends to find a warm cozy space full of warm cozy people for a warm winter love in… than late February?

… after several months of hibernation…

gentlepeople feb 26 lounge 88</a>
Yes!!!… the laid back social returns!… the ever friendly, ever fun and ever FREE piss up welcomes you and yours to the cozy velvet curtained confines of LOUNGE 88 (14 Clinton St. just W. of Bathurst and S. of College) this Saturday February 26th… to lift a glass to good friend, good times, good music and to our great snow blasted city… time to warm the cockles and melt the winter chill away!

Lounge 88 is one of those great little city secrets full of friendly people, great staff and a nice vibe… and this Saturday we’re turning that vibe up gentle style…

Music from:

“AndyMidnight”... from tech house to the clash the cutest boy on earth never stops keeping it fresh!
“AndySins”... breaks, electro and a bit of techno flavour… try to stand still while he’s on… not possible!
“Sanjay”... yours truly with the ever improvised deep breath of eclectic electronic beats and maybe even ‘pass the dutchie’ once more for old time’s sake!
“Cosmosuave”... live cosmic p.a. … he just gets better and better!
“Specialoffa”... a digital blend of sound to please to most discerning aural palate!
“Disaster Area”... old school sounds to round it all out… !

…no cover....give-aways... no gimmicks just good music… good people… and good times…

Questions? Comments? Heavy breathing?… 416-540-7265

Hope to see you there!
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six days [05 Dec 2004|07:15pm]

[ mood | chocolate chip ]

MUTEK 2005: 6th Edition of the festival, Montreal, May 30 - June 5, 2005

now with bonus 6th day?

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[19 Nov 2004|08:18am]

Some of you may find this interesting...

Fishead presents:
The Wrong e.p.

A collection of four track length mixes celebrating the art of forcing things that don't belong together to work.
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[01 Nov 2004|12:34pm]

(Copied from a news item. Apologies from cross-posting)

We have just set up an official David Kristian mailing list. This works exactly like the Hyperreal mailing lists (IDM, etc.) This is in no way affiliated with Hyperreal or the David Kristian Yahoo! Groups. This list was created as a service to those who wish to be notified of upcoming events and releases, as well as important website updates.

Info and signup here:



S. Greene
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